Smart Seat App


Manage your classes in the palm of your hand. Engage students with the random student selector.

Attendance has never been easier.





    • Load student names using three options: from e-mail attachment, type in, or copy and paste. See our FAQ for more info.
    • Drag and drop students to change seating arrangement.
    • Choose how you want your seating chart to look: show student nicknames, full names, or photos plus nickname.
    • View, export, and print PDF seating charts with options to include photos and reverse the perspective of the chart. This will allow you to print out a seating chart from the students’ view.
    • Record attendance by simply tapping on the student to mark Absent, Tardy, or Excused. The default state is Present.
    • View, export, and print a spreadsheet of class attendance records for a range of dates that you select (up to 1 year).
    • Choose students at random for class participation and class discussion.
    • Automatically keep track of which students have been selected using Random mode.
    • Toggle between photos and names in the seating chart by tapping on the class title, and use this “flashcard” feature to quickly learn and quiz yourself on student names.
    • Tap on a student to access attendance history, notes, and to load a photo using your mobile device’s photo album or camera.
    • Edit attendance records.
    • Export student records to e-mail.
    • Use the classroom layout screen to change the number of rows and columns by panning up/down and left/right.
    • Customize classroom layouts by creating a grid pattern for your desks, and then hiding selected desks.
    • Scramble option allows instant creation of new seating arrangement.
    • Add new students to class roster.
    • Delete students by swiping student name in roster.
    • Edit the list of classes to rearrange the order of classes, change the class name, and delete classes.
    • Maximum size desk layout is 15×15 for iPhone/iPod touch and 30×30 for iPad.
    • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, iOS 5.0 or later.

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