About Us

Cornsoft was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Yu and Jack Quinn, who met while doing physics at the University of California, San Diego.

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Jonathan is excited about making people’s lives easier through simple yet powerful apps. He loves photography and the convenience of  his mobile device’s camera, but he doesn’t like searching for his photos. So he designed and co-developed PixSort, which makes it easy to find photos on your iPhone or iPad. He also developed Smart Seat after seeing his wife, a teacher, waste a whole lot of paper, time, and energy creating seating charts for her classes. Jonathan earned his doctorate in plasma physics and he hopes one day his research will pay off and the world will use fusion energy as a source of electricity. In his spare time Jonathan loves to surf, play music, and of course, take photos.

Jack_photo_small_140_185Jack is a coder extraordinaire who likes music and the simple life. For his 2010 physics doctorate he studied ways to incorporate real-world observations into analytic models. The cool thing is that his work is very general so the models can be about almost anything ranging from neurons to the weather. Jack recently took a two week  solo bike ride down the coast of California. That was a great trip, but not quite as amazing as his two month trip through southeast Asia.